Homeless (On a hejm – Baal Tszuwe) – OLD POLISH-YIDDISH CINEMA

dir. Aleksander Marten, Poland 1939, 73’, narrative feature, b-w, out of competition

The film shows a typical Jewish history, one of many being shown in those years. Living in Kazimierz Dolny Rywinów family living under very difficult conditions, because the father decides to leave for the U.S. to find a better life. In America, works hard and feels alone, up until the Bessie (Bessy) - a nightclub singer who helps him bring the family from the Polish. This film was the last pre-war Polish film shot in Yiddish.

Language: Yiddish. Subtitles: Polish.

17.11, SATURDAY, POLIN MUSEUM, 12:00, Screening room "A"

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